Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Journal entry # 1-Marley

Captain Charles C. Ward, journal entry # 1

April 8, 1861

Everything's all hunkey dorey because I’m so ready for war. I already have packed my haversack and said bye to my father. I’m worried that he wouldn’t do good without me. I been through the mill helping him all the time, so I don’t know who can replace me. He is the United States Senator from New Hampshire, so I guess he will be fine. My wife is a little mad at me because I’m going into war. To be honest, I do feel a little bad for her because she has 3 children to watch and has to do all of the chores by herself. She should also be proud of me though because I’m fighting to reunite all of those corncrackers in the southern states that seceded and were not loyal to the Union and nation. Today is the day I’m going to war. I said bye to my wife and children. They were sad and subdued because they love me so much and going to miss me. I’m going to miss them, too, but I’m so excited to go to war. When I got to the base they gave me my cartridge box and musket. I have not really done much so far and I'm a little bored, but I’m still really proud to serve my country.

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