Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dear Diary,
This week I've suffered the loss of one of my very close friends, Nurse Boyd. While she didn't actually die, she's no longer alive to me. She lives the life of a traitor which shall forever be on her mind. She has not only betrayed me as friend but has betrayed the secrets of my nation and the sacred trust we placed in her. While the Rebelling states have proved they are smart their are not smarter than us and that is a fact. A few days ago General McClennan was able to gain the battle plans for what is being called the battle of . This resulted in a huge win for the Union which is helping boost morale around the soldiers. We have gotten a few more volunteers these past few days too which helps due to the amount of injuries and casualties that come with being in the line of duty. If i’ve learned anything these past few days is that you can’t really trust everyone you come to know especially during times like this. Unfortunately I am also betraying the Union by lying about my own identity, although I am doing it so that I can fight for my beliefs and those of my country.
                                                                                                                                  Captain Scales    

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