Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Enlistment Blog - Hayden

Dear Mother, 

     I have been assigned to a regiment called the Furies. We have an awful regiment leader. He is ruthless and makes us.... Its hard for me to write about but he makes us.... Stand Still. It sends shivers down my spine. Anyway how are you doing in New York? How is Brother doing? Where he is stationed it is very dangerous at the moment so I am worried about him. Its hard up here having my beliefs. I know you never approved of slavery, and I know that is why you do not like the confederacy, but you know I feel differently. Slavery is an important part of the economy and it should be considered more before it is removed. It may be bad to treat humans like that, but someone had to draw the short straw right? However before we decide all this we need to bring the rebels back into the Union. 

    I have been through the wringer. I have endured many battles with only minor scratches. Still all the killing is getting to me. Im starting to sympathize with the Confederates. I have killed so many that I feel bad for them. I think I'm going mad. I have asked some other soldiers and they all say that they are experiencing some of what I am but not to the extent I am felling it. I don't know what to do.

               I will keep you posted,
  Your son, 
Nelson McCook

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