Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1861 Blog - Hayden

      Dear Mother,

  Life here is horrible. The rations are low, my regiment is all mean people who don't like me and don't listen to me. My leader is awful, as I have mentioned in letters before, is a mean and horrible man. I hate him. I am only saying this because I trust you, but if I find that other people feel the same way, we will make a plan to kill him. About going mad. I do not feel that way anymore. It's strange but I feel as if I have made it over a hump in the road. I have been desensitized. I have heard about this, some call it Army Fever, or the Killing Disease, but in all accounts it goes away quickly. The rest of the Union is in the state I was in last time I wrote you. 

       I'll Keep You Posted,
Your son Nelson McCook

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