Thursday, April 6, 2017

Journal Entry 1- Nurse Boyd .

  Life in the military as a nurse has been a magnificent point in my life I thought I would never have to go through. A nurse doesn't only help casualty soldiers, we get to see the exciting war go on right in front of us and we're protected from guns and getting killed, which is the best part. When you're on the home front you hear about the awful war and our beloved soldiers getting killed, but on the field you get to help those soldiers and see something like never before seen. Your head has to stay concentrated even with troops big artillery and the loud, chaotic smoke of gunpowder and bloodshed. You have to work hard and fast to keep our soldiers alive. You get to see the Unionists and Confederate States in battle with the depressing view of bodies and body parts lying on the ground. You have to be strong and brave as a nurse because you may see bodies and gallons of blood everywhere. I admit to myself, the first time I started my nurse task I got scared and horrified at the sight right in front of my eyes. I learned to stay concentrated and to remember the privilege I get to have seeing a battle in front of my eyes and getting the soldiers strong and back to fighting. It may be a scary job but I find being a nurse a thrilling adventure. It's an exciting job for me, especially as a women. Women don't get the opportunity to be a part of a war and have a big responsibility every day. Women don't get the same rights as men and we have to work hard to stand our ground without disturbing men. That is why I admire my fellow women companions that found a way to be apart of the war, but i also admire women in the home front that have to work even harder with their husbands gone. During some of the battles I realized the soldier I was trying to help heal was a women. Somehow some women found a way to actually be in the battle. This left me to think that we as women are becoming stronger and we are starting to hold our foot down. I hope my father up in Washington will notice women need more rights so he can talk to congress about women’s role in America. But that is a dream that may never come. I hope someday he’ll realize that women are strong too. Until then I will keep helping our soldiers from dying.

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