Saturday, April 8, 2017

Journal entry # 2 - Marley

Captain Charles C. Ward, journal entry # 2

July 21, 1861

We have been in war for a little bit of time now. The Battle of Fort Sumter wasn’t bad. No one died, except these 2 dimwitted people that died from one our cannons that malfunctioned, when we were surrendering our flag. I was smart and stayed out of the way and didn’t die from the cannon malfunction. After that battle we didn’t really do much. All I did was fix my gun, got more minie balls, and we talked about tactics to beat the Graybacks. I got bored, to be honest. I thought we were just going to kill all the Southern rebels and then our country would be united again. Today we were fighting The Battle of Bull Run. It was a lot worse than I thought it would be. I saw my friend’s arm get blown off. War so horrible and awful. I don’t know how much more I can take. I got a little time to write this because we have some pickets that are ready to fire on a potential enemy, so I will have a little time to put it away and get my gun handy, if someone does come. I’m wondering about if I want to do this anymore because it’s just so horribly disgusting and boring, when we have down time. I’m also wondering why I’m still doing this because I thought that we would kill the rebels and then our country would be united again, but that’s not the case. The only reason I went to war was because I thought it would be easy and our country would be quickly united, again. I don’t even think blacks are equal to us, so should they stay enslaved? I have to talk to my wife because I don’t know what she would think about me maybe leaving. If I talk to my wife, will think I’m not strong and courageous? I know I’m am, so she will probably think I’m too. I miss my wife and kids, so hopefully I will see them soon. So far it has been horrible, but I will see what tomorrow brings us.      

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