Monday, April 24, 2017

Letter #2 - Marley

Letter to Henrietta from Captain Charles C. Ward

Dear beloved wife Henrietta,

I will try to write back as soon as I have free time because I love to hear from you and the children. I would really like some of your fresh cookies to hide in my cartridge box to eat, but I understand that mail to the army is very troublesome and difficult. The mailman must be doing something really important because I would have my cookies right now, right? The numskulls that work the mail company are not fighting a war, so how come they can not even deliver one little package. I am so sorry. I must be really tired from lack of sleep because of nightmares and picket duty. I want to thank you for the advice about how I should stay on the Union. Perhaps I was not thinking correct that day, also, just like most days. I guess I am an abolitionist and I believe the south violated the Constitution, like you. To be honest I do not really know right now. I am fighting the bloodiest battle yet: The Battle of Gettysburg. All of them have been horrible, but this one is by far the worst. There are already 37,000 casualties and it is only day two, so it is not good. I can tell you how bad the war is, but you would probably get bored and I am tired, so I will try to go to bed soon. At night, when we are not actually fighting, is the only time I have to write, so forgive me if it takes me a while. I hope to see you soon. Write back.

                                                                     Your husband,
                                                                      Captain Charles C. Ward        

Letter to Captain Charles C. Ward from Henrietta

Dear beloved husband,

I miss you so much. I would never get bored when you are talking. I can not believe that there were that many casualties in just two days. That is unbelievable. I know that you really want my cookies and I am sorry they did not come. Do you have to forage for food, is that why you would hide the cookies your cartridge box? Or is it just because you and the guys do not get anything sweet and you want it for yourself? I know your rations are very small and you normally just get hardtack. I worry you don't always get enough to eat. I am so glad you stayed on the Union; it makes everything a lot less complicated. People would also not try to kill you for being a traitor. I know this letter is really short, but we have not been doing much here and I really would just rather just read more about what has been going on with you. The children and I have just been doing the same thing everyday, but today we all went berry picking, so that was delightful. It has been a little dull, when we all sit at the dinner table without you. It gets lonely sometimes. I know that I have three children to keep company, but it is not the same without you. I hope to see you soon. Write back.

                                                                  Your wife,

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