Sunday, April 30, 2017

1864 - Letter #3 -Marley

Letter to Henrietta from Captain Charles C. Ward

Dear adored wife,

Of course I miss you a colossal amount. We have been fighting a war against the Confederates for three years so far and we still have not beaten them, yet. The Shermans March has been a huge morale booster for the Union, though. We are going through the city of Atlanta and destroying everything. We are burning every store and factories that we come across. We are destroying every communication and transportation lines. We are destroying every farmland, even. We are literally destroying everything in Atlanta. We have even broken the railroads rails by burning it and wrap it around trees, so they can not use it again. They call it Sherman’s neckties. The reason that we are doing this is to try to take control of Atlanta because it is one of the few major manufacturing centers for the Graybacks. We have have stole and forage for food. What we have done has just been a huge pride boost for us because before this the Union army was in horrible shape. This year, only 136,000 soldiers for the North reenlisted, and 100,000 soldiers headed home. I wish I was one of them that headed home, but I didn’t want to disappoint you. I know that we both want this war to end and me come home, but I have to serve my country and not desert. Before the Sherman’s March, 65,000 soldiers died in just seven weeks. I heard that in the North, the public opinion began to turn against President Lincoln. Overall it was just horrible before that march and now during the march we have some pride and hope. Anyway, that is what is going on with me, how about you? I hope to see you soon. Write back.

 Captain Ward

Letter to Captain Charles C. Ward from Henrietta 

Dear adored husband,

Of course I miss you, too. I would not be disappointed in you if you left, but I do believe you should serve your country because the Confederacy seceding is not right. The rumor about how some people began to turn against Lincoln before the Sherman’s March, is true. I heard some people incredibly mad at him, but now people are fine now, I think, because we have heard about something that you are doing. I think burning the city is showing to the Confederacy to not mess with the Union, but I thought it was a little harsh. Do you realize that if we do win this war, we are going to have to fund the process of cleaning and rebuilding the city? That is why I think it is harsh. The Union has destroyed millions of greenbacks worth of factories and other things in the city. Anyway, me and the children are doing just fine. I have really have connected with the children lately because in the house they are the only ones I can talk to. It has been great to spend time with them. I mean before you left we had a good bond, too because they are my little babies, but now they are the only ones I talk to at the house. They are still missing you, too. I normally summarize what you have done to them, just so they know what their father is doing.


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