Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Letters #1 -Marley

Letter to Henrietta from Captain Charles C. Ward 

Dear beloved wife Henrietta,

I miss you and the kids. I hope you and our three baby kids are doing well. I wish I could be with you while having one of your freshly baked, delicious cookies. The best thing we have are hardtacks, which are just water and flour cooked into little biscuits. Some of the guys, union guys, of course, call them teeth dullers because they are as hard as a rock and it is hard to eat and bite. If we are not too hungry, we hit them with a stick to see who can hit it the farthest. I am just joking, we are always hungry. I just made that up because I am funny. Do you miss me and my hilarious jokes? I know this is surprising, but I might have done something wrong. First of all, I do not want to fight because it is a lot more brutal then I thought it would be. I saw a guy right next to me get his arm blown off. Believe it or not, but this war has family members fighting against family members; it is horrible. I know a couple of people in this situation. The second thing is, I might be fighting for the wrong side. Do you think I am? I personally think blacks are inferior, so should they still be enslaved? I do not even know why I signed up to be a recruit. I probably am just thinking loony thoughts because of lack of sleep, food, and water. You can not tell anyone and I can not tell anyone either about how I feel about the union’s and confederacy’s ideas about slavery. I really hope nobody finds this letter because if they do, I will get demoted, get a lower rank than captain, or worse, get killed. I just needed to tell you because you will know what to do. I hope to see you soon. Write back.

                                                       Captain Charles C. Ward

Letter to Captain Charles C. Ward from Henrietta

Dear beloved husband,

We also miss you. The kids seem really melancholy since you have been gone. The kids wanted me to inform you that they miss you very much and hope you come back as soon as possible, as well as me. I am so sorry that you have to see all of these horrid things, like people dying right in front of your eyes. Since you have asked for my help, I believe you should stay fighting for the union because you have to remember what the rebels did. They succeeded from the nation and violated the Constitution. I believe you should also stay with the union because desertion is illegal. I know you are fighting hard, so just know I will always have you in mind and in heart. We have a lot of free time now, except when we are doing chores. So, write to me whenever you can because I can probably write back soon. If the war mail does not get stopped up, then the letters will come to you soon. Stay strong and keep fighting because at the end we will have a united country again. That is the whole goal, right? That is why you went to war, right? So just keep doing what you are doing and do not let the horrible scenery get to your head. I pray things get better for you. Also, remember to stay true to what we believe. I know you think blacks are not equal, but it is not fair to treat them like animals. I would send you fresh cookies, but they would get ruined in the mail. I hope to see you soon. Write back.


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