Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sergeant Theodore Parrott; Wk 1.

Week 1 Of Service-
Journal of Sergeant Parrott of the Union Army:

The day is the Twelfth of June, 1861. I been enlisted in the Union army, for the Civil War and I decided to make this journal, to write bout’ my experiences in this war. In fact, its been just two days that I fought in my first battle; The Battle of Big Bethel. My wife was mighty worried bout’ me, fightin’ those Confederates and all. They’re puttin’ on a mighty good fight, that’s fo’ sure. They’s a strong group of men, very hard workin’ but us northerners’  gonn’ knock the wind outta’ them. This war is ours to win, and we ain’t givin’ up till’ we win. Times are tough now, but we gonna make it.
What us soldiers really need, is for those border states to come and fight with us, instead of sittin’ on the side. They been actin’ as if this war gonna win itself. Why, they outta’ just go an’ have a picnic like them civilians did during the first battle. All they did was get in our way. By golly, we lost that battle too! We had us some thousan’ number of casulties that dreary day. Many times a week, we all sit down and pray that we’ll make it on through. None of us family-men wanna leave our women, and childs without a provider. I didn’t get much of a education, but I wanna see fit, that my son gets to grow up and be more of a man than his old’ pa. Charlie’s his name, and you can see just how smart that boy is, even if he’s still a baby. He deserves a chance I was never offered.
Now i'm a very patriotic man, I have much love for this country of ours, but when we is completely against each other like this, we can no longer be called the United States. Lately as ridiculous as it is, i been thinkin’ up sum’ names fo’ this country of ours.
-”The Used To Be United States”
-”The Slightly United States”
-”The We Accidentally Caused A War States of America”
Well, its gettin to be that time of day to finish up, and git to work. My wife, and my life will be in my prayers.
Signed, Sergeant Parrott

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