Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 2 Sergeant Parrott - Abree

Week Two of The Civil War
So far, the battles haven’ been tha’ bad. We win most of em’ with few casulties. Everyone knows the Rebels have zero chance of winnin’. Even the battle of Fort Sumter, they lost. Them dixes  may as well go ahead and quit fore’ they embarass emselves’. In fact, they’s already did in tha’ battle o’ Ft. Sumter. My lord, that was a sad sad day fo’ them rebels, big loss for em’ n’ all. They’s got no chance wit’ this war. I think all em’ southern states needa stop makin’ this whole big thing outta everythin’. Wit’ em’ seceding an’ all, we’s coming off as a weak country an’ tha’ makes us seem small tuh’ other countries.
Then there’s tha’ battle o’ Bull Run. My god, them civilians best tuh stay outta’ the way. All they’s did was get in the way. We was gonna win, till’ they started gettin’ in tha’ why, panickin’ an’ all. It wa’ very rude o’ them tuh’ do tha’ an’ all, war ain’t no joke. Anyway’ i outta’ git’ back tuh’ trainin’. Till’ next week.

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