Tuesday, May 9, 2017

1865 - Letter #4 - Marley

Letter to Henrietta from Captain Charles C. Ward 

Dear beloved wife,

I am so glad the war is almost done. I finally get to see you and the kids. I get to eat your home cooked meals, not those disgusting hardtacks and salt pork. I literally am having those every meal, and I am so tired of it.  Also finally, I am going to get to have your cookies. Lee’s Last Campaign just happened. The Confederate had 6,000 casualties and we captured and paroled 27,805 of their soldiers. The Union had around 10,780 casualties, but our army is way bigger than theirs, so more opportunities to kill us. We took Richmond, Virginia and set it on fire, let it burn all the way to the confederate arsenal, and then it exploded. They surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse at Wilmer McLean’s house. The terms of surrender are the Graybacks must relinquish all weapons, promise they would not fight again and go home, they would be allowed to keep their horses and personal arms, and southerns get 25,000 rations. Anyhow, I am so happy to see you, later. We all thought this war was going to be simple and easy, but it turned out so different. Everyone thought it would be a couple month war, but instead it turned out to be a four year war. Might I add, a long four years. The reason I did the war was because I thought it would be a couple months and  because I know how you and father believe that the South violated the constitution. You are a rule follower, so I understand why you believe that. So basically in a way, I did it for you. I didn’t know at the time, but now I realized that I did it for you and my father. Anyway, I’m so glad the war is almost done. I hope to see you soon. Write back.

   Your Husband

Letter to Captain Charles C. Ward from Henrietta 

Dear beloved husband,

It is unbelievable that the war is almost over. I am thrilled I get to see you in a little while. I am amazed that you survived and are not too hurt. Just imagine, all those people that died, and you aren’t one of them. That is truly a miracle. When I read your letter to the children, they are going to beyond happy that you are coming back. You are correct I do believe that the confederate army and every state that succeeded, did violate the Constitution. I want to thank you for fighting this war for me and supporting what is really the point, staying united as a nation. You really have changed, like the way you share everything with me, now. Before I feel like you were all locked up, but now I feel like you opened up. I know how you think that this is horrible what I am saying right now, but just because you are a man that fought in a war does not mean you always have to be tough. It is good when you open up, trust me, I think you are happier. I am sorry, I have misspoken. You are more educated than me, I should not have told you what you are. My bad. Anyhow, I miss you so much, as do the children, so come back soon. I hope to see you soon. Write back.


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