Monday, May 1, 2017

Journal entry 1864:
It seems that nowadays every soldier is accused of being a spy for the confederacy; then again we can't be too careful we already lost a soldier in our unit to the confederacy. Her name was Nurse Boyd, and i fear i was falling in love with her. My wife would be ashamed of me as would my mother, but she was an astounding woman. Absolutely perfect. The way her hair fell, her courage, her graceful bedside manners. This woman caught my eye since i was wounded in the battle of The Wilderness. One bullet to my leg was all it took for love at first sight. I fear i will not be able to return home to my wife, or she may suspect something. But how could she not when i’ve experienced what true love really is? And my dear son, who is age 4 by now. (My God, Charlie’s growing up.) I can’t let his mother raise him on his own. I love him too dearly to do that. While this amazing woman may have been the greatest woman alive, i cannot in good conscious court her. All is going well otherwise, and my leg is continually getting better.

Yours truly, Sergeant Parrott

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